Unique snowboard for your unique image made in the Czech Republic

22/05/2013 14:09

Snowboard from HACKBOARDS - your image, your decorum

One and only snowboard can make basically easily. The Czech company HACKBOARDS offers snowboards, where every rider can let own design print. Decorum is what makes snowboard unique and just one and only rider can have one and only decorum. The thing, that all producers get the brands, links to websites or some graphics on snowboards, is absolutely current matter on these days. But uniqueness of snowboard is, that it exists just one, real original. And only your own decorum guarantees you will be on ski slope definitely the One. Exactly, the Czech producer of snowboards, company HACKBOARDS, guarantees that.

Quality snowboards from Czech producer

China makes snowboards and offers it at low cost to customers. What is fair hand made production able to compete with Chinese factory? It is not only unique decorum, which the customer himself creates or supplies. As well, it is honest and quality production and hundred and hundred hours on slope, where all snowboards are tested and knowledges of riders are applied subsequently to production. To make snowboard it is not to bend a board and send it to market. If you are real rider in your soul and it is not important, if you are a beginner or advanced, then you should know, that tested and quality snowboard can offer more intensive riding experience and it is in combination with smaller effort for control of snowboard. Saved energy you can put to snowboards tricks or longer time, which you can stay on slope.

Snowbitch made in the Czech Republic versus China

Unique snowbitch, which hours of testing prevent its production and producer adds your own design to it, it is really you. You and your snowbitch. The board, which is part of you and your ride and it is not only thing, which is produced by factory and in vain it tries to cover logotype and origin of producer Made in China. This type of snowboards HACKBOARDS does not offer. HACKBOARDS is proud Czech producer of snowboards, which stands up for own snowboards, because HACK knows, what really offers and your decorum says you know, which snowboard you buy. Snowboards of brand HACKBOARDS are ready to go to the world in 2013!

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