Snowboard as a unique board for snowboarding. Who wants to be unique and appreciate own décor? LAG marketing and snowboards

18/10/2013 18:26

Snowboard and target group for producers of snowboards

Imagine a unique snowboard, who does not have anyone else, not only in your neighbourhood but in the World. This type of snowboard has a specific rider. And now imagine yet, you are a producer, who offers this unique snowboard. To whom would you like to aim? Where is the customer, who wants the unique board? Where is the target group for that type of snowboard? It means, that to work as the producer, to enter to market, where is large competition and where you have got two possibilities. To get on branch in frame of given competition with own snowboards or offer the board, which is absolutely unique and find a target group for it. And who is unique, individual and has got and interest in being himself? Do you think it could be LAG group?

Snowboards and own décor of snowboards make unique gayboard

Gay and lesbian are very interesting and solvent group for snowboards. Both halves of abbreviation LAG (gays and lesbians) wants to be original and unique. It is a fact, that every human being is unique and original, but solvent is not to many people. And if we would like to search really interesting target group, then phenomenon of LAG represents solvent target. It is possible to focus marketing of producers of snowboards on this group. In the time of economic crisis and worldwide market recession the producer does not have any other chance than to search for new target groups and markets, because, even though, he has got a chance to offer the snowboards to traditional customers, but hardly he take off further. It stands in the case, when he offers unique board and about his snowboard, thanks to bad targeted, nobody knows.

Snowboarding is relatively young and attractive winter sport

If you are interested in snowboarding as a producer, who offers unique snowboard, then it is necessary to find target group (e. g. mentioned LAG phenomenon) and focus on it own marketing. Snowboarding is relatively young winter sport, which is very attractive. In spite of fact, that snowboards are about thirty years on the market. This market generates several million dollars a year from sold snowboards, but of course, another activities connected with snowboards. Just crisis makes pressure producers to have a think about it, to whom they should offer unique snowboards and to target on gay and lesbians it is very interesting solution for marketing of any producer. Which means as well out of snowboarding.